Our sheep are mourning and teaching too.

Today, one of our sheep, a young first time mother lost her two day old baby. The lamb was a bundle of restlessness and kept the mother on her legs as she attempted to keep up with the wild jumps and the erratic suckling of her newborn. You could hear the sheepy pride in her voice as she bleated when feeding her baby.

I was alerted to where the lifeless body lay by her unending bleating. She stood together with her mother, the lamb’s grandma and her two sisters as they stared at the carcass and the sadness on their faces was almost palpable. The Lamb’s uncle stood at a distance, probably mourning silently as most men do.

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Resistance Coming Home

In a few hours, Nasarites will treat us to what media friendly to them is calling ‘Grand Homecoming’. To the rest of us, this will, as usual, comical irony on wheels (and steroids). This is how:

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Swinging Both Ways (Final part)

Its been roughly forty eight hours since I published Swinging Both Ways- with a Ring. Surprisingly on this platform, the reaction has been lukewarm but my inbox has been flooded with mixed messages (and emotions). From those that are outrightly pissed by Kim for being a double faced and selfish pervert who is bound to subject mama Ty to untold pain and misery to those that see it as Kims cross to carry to his death- they say that hornbill’s pain is hornbill’s pain,

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